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The ‘Amici di Agropoli’ dock was born in 1996 from the desire of Gennaro Montone to return to live and work in his native land, the Cilento in Agropoli, after twenty years of work experience in Germany.

Since then the dock and its activities and services have grown thanks to the new generation contribution of Maxwell Montone, son of Gennaro and true sea lovers, carry on the business.



Floating dock n. 10 on the breakout arm
Length: 60 meters
Depth: 5 meters
Max boat length: 20 meters

The Port of Agropoli was born from within the inlet immediately south of ‘Punta del Fortino’ and is formed by an elbow-like breakwater dock, a shore quay and a breakwater dock.

From the shore quay of the second outflowing arm, some floating jetties branch out, including, in fact, also the Floating Jetty of the “Amici di Agropoli” (see map below)

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